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Sonic Moments 

Putting memories and messages to music

Music has the power to bring us back to places from our past and help us remember times in our life that were important to us and shaped us into who we are today. It can also express how we feel towards people.

I'm a composer with a love of cinematic, instrumental music and in the past I have dedicated pieces to loved ones as gifts for special occasions. I am offering to do this for the wider world and help people remember special moments in their life that they have shared with friends and family. Or tell someone special something that words just can't quite express.

Simply send in a short description and a picture if possible of an experience that you want to remember or message that you want to send someone and I will write a piece that tries to capture the essence of that moment or the emotions of that message. You can then give the piece a name that feels right for you. 

This can be a personal purchase or make a unique gift for a friend or loved one.

The Process and Result

Instrumental (No Words or Singing)


1. Send in a short description of the experience, trying to be descriptive about the setting and how you were feeling. It can be a moment in time or a story that you want expressed in the arc of the music. Or send me the message that you want to send to the friend or loved one.

2. Send in a few pictures of the setting and any shots around the time of the event.

3. If you have any musical ideas such as melodies or thoughts on the instruments that you want in the piece then let me know at the end of the message or in brackets during the description.

4. I will write a 2-4 minute piece based on the information you send and if you want anything changed I can do a revision. If you are then happy with the result then a donation of your choosing would be appreciated (suggested amount: £50).

Instrumental + Narration

Same as above but please record the words, poetry that you want to play along side the music and send it into to me. Or I can record the words in my voice (male, well-spoken, English accent).


Same as above but please send in lyrics of any length and structure, specifying if you would prefer a male or female singer. Suggested donation for this one is slightly higher due to the expense of bringing in a singer (suggested amount: £90).

It starts with an email:

Thanks! Message sent.

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